Available for In-home Euthanasia service in your home in the surrounding Fargo-Moorhead area is $450. Surrounding areas beyond a 35 minute radius of our clinic may be additional. For Grand Forks, lakes country, or other areas, we encourage you to call.

  • Cremation arrangements are available and are additional.
  • More-peaceful goodbye for you and your pet.
  • We place an IV catheter and administer sedation for less pain and anxiety, then when you are ready, the final injection to let them pass on.
  • Cremation arrangements are available.
  • Family members are welcome.v
  • Favorite items are encouraged as many patients leave the world with belly rubs, bacon, hot dogs, or just loving hugs and kisses
  • Euthanasia fees vary with location.
  • Please call for more information​.
  • After-Hours/Weekends may be available depending on the doctor availability and urgency of the pet’s declining health.

Please call or email for appointment availability. request an appointment